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We've intalled more than 25 miles of firebreaks to protect Ivohiboro from escaped grassfires that threaten the forest, its wildlife, and the people who depend on it for water. In fact, Ivohiboro is the first and only protected area in Madagascar to be completely surrounded by firebreaks. However, those firebreaks need to be maintained each year to stay effective. With $35, we can pay community members to help us keep 100 feet of firebreak clear of vegetation. By "purchasing" this item, you're actually donating funds to help us buy the item ourselves.

100 Feet of Firebreak

  • Items featured in our "Wishlist" store with the "For Us" ribbon are things we need to help us restore endangered ecosystems. When you "buy" one of these items, you're donating the funds we need to purchase that item.

    Wistlist items range from physical products (like GPS units or shovels) to units of restoration (like a Micro-Prairie in the Palouse or a Foxhole Forest in Madagascar) to general support (like a day of food for community members helping restore rainforest or coffee for our Palouse crew).

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