Our local programs are focused on partnering with communities and organizations to restore and protect the highly endangered Palouse Prairie ecosystem. To accomplish this we have created an internship program for students of Washington State University to give them hands on experience with restoration while carrying out programs that better local communities.

Currently, the Phoenix Conservancy is partnering with the Hudson Reserve at Smoot Hill to identify and inventory plant and animal communities in its nearly 800 acre area. This partnership is unique in that the Hudson Reserve contains one of the largest remaining areas of intact Palouse Prairie, one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world.

In the town of Pullman, the Phoenix Conservancy aims to restore a portion of one of the city’s parks to demonstrate a healthy Palouse Prairie ecosystem interacts with local animal life. This park will serve as a protected area displaying the regions natural heritage to the many adults and children that use the park for recreation.

Additional partnerships on the Palouse focus on using a shared vision for the protection and restoration of this incredible ecosystem. This shared vision brings organizations, citizens, and local governments together to benefit their communities.