Our general programs focus on finding collaborative approaches to conservation that include the interests of local communities, governments, and the environment. Through land acquisition, regeneration projects, and educational events, the Phoenix Conservancy aims to improve the relationship between local communities and their environment, benefiting all.

Our current focus is the local, Palouse prairie ecosystem. With less than 1% of extant native habitat, all remaining intact pieces are extremely valuable and of high conservation value. We have multiple projects in this particular ecosystem that we are using to establish protocols for native land stewardship, restoration techniques, and invasive controls so as to be an effective grassroots conservation organization. We hope to collaborate, not compete, with local communities and existing organizations in the area so as to further the broader goal of conserving this unique, endangered ecosystem.


Nationally we have our sights set on iconic, critically endangered ecosystems including the Great Plains. Similar to Palouse prairie, the Great Plains is critically endangered with less than 5% of intact habitat left. This summer a team of interns and project managers worked with federal agencies on management projects in the Black Hills of Wyoming. This gave us a fantastic opportunity to learn about this ecosystem as well as the problems and opportunities that exist between the environment and local communities in this amazing landscape. We plan to continue and build on this project to help restore native ecosystems.