1. The Crystal Forest of Ihosy

    We have some HUGE news to share today on The Phoenix Conservancy’s newest restoration project. In a region of Madagascar where nearly all forest is destroyed, a fragile, precious gem has just been discovered. Totaling 3,460 acres in size, a newly-discovered tract of rainforest is sheltered within a sunken valley protected by quartzite mountains in the Ihosy region of southern Madagascar. This gl…Read More

  2. Passion restored

    The idea of reconnecting with nature and understanding it better in order to restore it is pure and selfless. It is also something I didn’t fully understand until recently when I started working with the Pullman-based, conservation organization called the Phoenix Conservancy. I am f resh into the world of ecology and field work, so you can imagine my enthusiasm when I received the opportunity to…Read More

  3. Environmental empowerment through backyard exploration

    More often than not, the status of nature in the media is portrayed more or less as a dire ‘call to arms’. We hear of the collapse of the bee population or the demolition of another swath of the Amazon rainforest, but what does this mean? In our eyes, and the eyes of our children, what we see is that we are losing something we didn’t even know we had. Some may feel apathetic, and some may fe…Read More

  4. The canary in the prairie

    Taking the pulse of an ecosystem isn't always easy. So many factors contribute to the health of our planet's natural systems that it's difficult to account for them quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, nearly every habitat on Earth is home to a group of organisms that are easy (not to mention fascinating) to observe, and also give scientists a good general picture of the overall health of an ecos…Read More

  5. What has nature ever done for us?

    A question that scientists, conservationists, resource managers, naturalists and your average human comes across with surprising regularity is why does biodiversity matter? What is the point of conserving such a diverse array of organisms? Why do we need five different types of beetle in this canyon? Who cares if a species of mountain orchid goes extinct? Why should I care that the population of b…Read More

  6. The Anatomy of a Phoenix

    Symbiosis has always intrigued me. I was raised believing that nature was very one dimensional. That stronger animals always killed weaker ones to survive, and that with limited resources, intense competition must result. Yet, as I learned more about life on this wonderful planet, the more I learned that this was not, by any means, the rule. For those of you who may not know, symbiosis comes from …Read More

  7. Learn more about our Palouse Prairie work!

    Our local programs are focused on partnering with communities and organizations to restore and protect the highly endangered Palouse Prairie ecosystem. To accomplish this we have created an internship program for students of Washington State University to give them hands on experience with restoration while carrying out programs that better local communities. Currently, the Phoenix Conservancy is …Read More