The Phoenix Conservancy was founded on the principles of optimized conservation; that is, conservation that finds the peak benefit in a given habitat. There are many fantastic charities already in operation that aim to preserve habitats that have remained pristine and been spared from significant human impact. Still others identify endangered species and pursue population maintenance of those.
We differ slightly in our focus. We aim for maximized biodiversity in threatened habitats. This means our focus is on ecosystem health instead of simply population size of a specific species or saving what little historical habitat may remain. We at the Phoenix Conservancy strive for the diversity of our planet, with all its plants, bugs, birds, fish, and mammals to be conserved in a sustainable way for generations to come.
Our organization is composed of likeminded individuals who have had experience working in diverse habitats all around the world. While we have worked with many unique species throughout our combined experience, we have also worked in communities of people that directly interact with some of the most iconic wildlife on the planet. During our time in these communities we have witnessed first-hand the role that local education plays in conservation. This global perspective brought us together to pursue methods of conservation that work for all communities, in all communities.
Officially incorporated in September of 2016, the Phoenix Conservancy is pleased to have applied for non-profit status from the IRS. We look forward to the challenges ahead and are excited to begin the work of conservation, fueled by your support.